AVALON BAY – Air Fryers : Model AB-AIRFRYER220SS Review

Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS

Description of Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS:

Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS can cook tasty food without much oil. Often we thought that tasty cooking would not be possible without oil. Hence, we should take a look at the incredible Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS. This would put our misconceptions to rest. The use of any cooking oil, vegetable, coconut, palm or other has been universally identified as a major reason of several diseases. Like, high cholesterol levels which in turn cause heart disease, diabetes and many other sicknesses in us. Regular cooking in the Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS which is the ultimate in “oil less cooking” would keep our health at optimum levels. So, it will keep the doctors away.

Key Features of Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220S

Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS

  • The technology employed in this fryer is simple as “Rapid Hot Air Circulation”. It cooks the food within a controlled temperature between 200~400 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it keeps the full flavor of the food inside.
  • The 3.5 liters non stick food container within it ensures that, a substantial quantity of food would be cooked. And with a 30 minute timer it is just what we would need to get a meal ready in double quick time.
  • Hence the Avalon Bay 220SS is just the ideal cooker to prepare food for a small family. Especially, for coming back from work and getting that healthy food on the table in double quick time.
  • Once cooking is completed the container and other soiled parts could be easily cleaned. They are also dishwasher safe with the container and other parts made of strong materials to withstand long use.
  • The Avalon Bay 220SS is very easy and convenient to operate as it has a touch screen display to set cooking times. That would permit us to do other chores whilst the cooking is under process.
  • The technologically advanced fan inside the model evenly distributes the generated heat within in a controlled way. As a result, it is ensuring that the food placed within the container is cooked exactly as you would like it.
  • To take the food out after it is cooked we need to open the drawer by commanding this Air Fryer using the digital touch screen. It opens easily and you can remove the food container employing the handle.
  • This Air Fryer is 11×13.5×12.75 inches in dimension which makes it fit on any kitchen shelf. Moreover, it needs only needs a 110~120 Volts electrical supply point.

Specifications of Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS

Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS

Recommended users for Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS:

The most important thing about this model is the very attractive 90 day money back guarantee. That says much for the unit as the manufacture is the reputed Avalon. They are positive that you would like it once you use it.  They also ensures that, it would bring convenience to your busy life. It is very easy to operate. And once you have the food in and set the controls, it would cook on its own while you do other things.

The Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220SS is ideal to get healthy warm food on the table in the minimum of time especially if you are a small and very busy family.

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